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Leather Bags have a long history of use. Leather as a material, was originally, widely available with the added advantages of strength, durability, and flexibility.
The preservation and tanning process of leather can create a product that is thick and strong, making it difficult to tear or damage. Leather Duffle Bags, normally, resist water and most scuffs or scrapes. This durability gives added protection when traveling with contents that need a bit more protection. Although strong, a Leather Duffle Bag offers a good amount of give, when packing, without stretching out of shape.

The various uses of a leather duffle bag are numerous! Besides packing for a vacation or an overnight business trip , they can be used for a trip to the gym, store sports equipment, hold files and laptops, shopping, exploration, hiking, camping, school books, pet carrier, just to name a few.

Over time leather duffel bags require very little care and last much longer than other man made materials. A little saddle soap or glycerin soap are good for cleaning. Conditioning can be done with many readily available products or simple neatsfoot oil can be applied to replenish the leather, keeping the soft luxurious feel and look.

Because of their longevity and classic style leather is very cost effective for the long term investment.
With many options to choose from, a simple overnight design to a multi pocketed trolley design, Leather Duffle Bag can offer many sizes to browse.

Today's Leather Duffle Bags are just a relevant as in centuries past but much more elegant and stylish!